April 1748 edition of Gentleman’s Magazine

1748 Gentleman’s Magazine, London, with Thomas Jefferys Map.

This April 1748 edition of Gentleman’s Magazine was printed in London and contains 47 pages.  Included in this edition is a folded engraving of city and fortifications of Maestricht by Thomas Jefferys.

Maestricht is a city in the Netherlands, located in the southern Dutch province of Limburg, the capital.

During 1673-1678 French troops occupied Maestricht and it was eventually restored to the Dutch in 1748.  This reclaim did not last long, in the same year Maestricht was retaken by the French.  The Siege of Maastricht took place in April-May 1748 during the War of the Austrian Succession. A French force under the overall command of Maurice de Saxe besieged and captured the Dutch barrier fortress of Maastricht in the final few months of the campaign in the Low Countries. After a relatively long siege the garrison of Maastricht capitulated and marched out with the honours of war. Maastricht was returned along with France’s conquests in the Austrian Netherlands according to the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle signed in 1748.

The map in this magazine outlines the plan to rebuild the fortifications.

Highlighted is an important article on the impressment of Colonists in Boston to work and man ships. Interesting information pertaining to the fact that many of those who settle in the Colonies rarely return to England. The impressment caused riots in Boston and the article is followed by a letter Governor Shirley followed by a response from the Speaker of the Massachusetts Bay General Assembly Hutchinson.

There is also the discovery and sighting of a new comet.

A New & Correct Plan Of All The Houses Destroyed And Damaged by The Fire Which Began In Exchange-Alley, Cornhill, On Friday, March 25th, 1748

Cuts of antiquities as well. Songsgeet also.

Very Good, no binding, measures 5 x 8″.

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