Betta Fish: Live Betta Fish Care for Male & Female – Fish Tanks & Bowls

Betta fish Information & betta fish care for live betta fish.  This guide will tell you about female betta fish and male betta fish and how you can start breeding betta fish.  It will take careful set up for a betta fish bowl or betta fish tank to successfully raise healthy betta fish.  Betta fish are much different than other types of tropical fish such as the japanese koi fish.


All the Betta species are small fishes, but they vary considerably in size, ranging from under 2.5 cm (1 inch) total length in B. chanoides to 14 cm (5.5 inches) in the Akar betta (B. akarensis).  It’s really easy to care for a beta if you have the proper beta fish bowl of beta fish tank set up.  Breeding betta fish can be difficult since the female betta fish and male betta fish are hard to distinguish.  If you have a live betta fish you may want to have an expert take a look at your fish so that they can tell you how you can start breeding your betta fish.
Bettas are anabantoids, which means they can breathe atmospheric air thanks to a unique organ called the labyrinth. This accounts for their ability to thrive in low-oxygen water conditions that would kill most other fish, such as rice paddies, slow-moving streams, drainage ditches, and large puddles.

Beta Fish Varieties

The various bettas can be divided into two groups, based on their spawning behaviour: some build bubble nests, like B. splendens, while others are mouthbrooders, like B. picta. The mouthbrooding species are sometimes called “pseudo bettas”, and are sometimes speculated to have evolved from the nest-builders in an adaptation to their fast-moving stream habitats.

Beta Fish Classifications

The currently described Betta species can be grouped into “complexes” for conservation purposes. (This grouping of species makes no claim at representing a taxonomic reality.)

The complexes of the associated beta fish species are:

* Akarensis complex:
o Betta akarensis Regan, 1910 – Akar betta
o Betta antoni Tan & Ng, 2006
o Betta aurigans Tan & Ng, 2004
o Betta balunga Herre, 1940
o Betta chini Ng, 1993
o Betta ibanorum Tan and Ng, 2004
o Betta obscura Tan & Ng, 2005
o Betta pinguis Tan and Kottelat, 1998

* Albimarginata complex:
o Betta albimarginata Kottelat and Ng, 1994
o Betta channoides Kottelat and Ng, 1994

* Anabatoides complex:
o Betta anabatoides Bleeker, 1851 – giant betta

* Bellica complex:
o Betta bellica Sauvage, 1884 – slim betta
o Betta simorum Tan and Ng, 1996

* Coccina complex:
o Betta brownorum Witte and Schmidt, 1992
o Betta burdigala Kottelat and Ng, 1994
o Betta coccina Vierke, 1979
o Betta livida Ng and Kottelat, 1992
o Betta miniopinna Tan and Tan, 1994
o Betta persephone Schaller, 1986
o Betta rutilans Witte and Kottelat in Kottelat, 1991
o Betta tussyae Schaller, 1985
o Betta uberis Tan & Ng, 2006

* Dimidiata complex:
o Betta dimidiata Roberts, 1989
o Betta krataios Tan & Ng, 2006

* Edithae complex:
o Betta edithae Vierke, 1984

* Foerschi complex:
o Betta foerschi Vierke, 1979
o Betta mandor Tan & Ng, 2006
o Betta rubra Perugia, 1893 – Toba betta
o Betta strohi Schaller and Kottelat, 1989

* Picta complex:
o Betta falx Tan and Kottelat, 1998
o Betta picta (Valenciennes, 1846) – spotted betta
o Betta simplex Kottelat, 1994
o Betta taeniata Regan, 1910 – Borneo betta

* Pugnax complex:
o Betta breviobesus Tan and Kottelat, 1998
o Betta cracens Tan & Ng, 2005
o Betta enisae Kottelat, 1995
o Betta fusca Regan, 1910 – dusky betta
o Betta lehi Tan & Ng, 2005
o Betta pallida Schindler & Schmidt, 2004
o Betta prima Kottelat, 1994
o Betta pugnax (Cantor, 1849) – Penang betta
o Betta pulchra Tan and Tan, 1996
o Betta raja Tan & Ng, 2005
o Betta schalleri Kottelat and Ng, 1994
o Betta stigmosa Tan & Ng, 2005

* Splendens complex:
o Betta imbellis Ladiges, 1975 – crescent betta
o Betta mahachai Panitvong, Nonn, 2002 –
o Betta smaragdina Ladiges, 1972 – emerald green betta
o Betta splendens Regan, 1910 – Siamese fighting fish
o Betta stiktos Tan & Ng, 2005

* Unimaculata complex:
o Betta compuncta Tan & Ng, 2006
o Betta gladiator Tan & Ng, 2005
o Betta ideii Tan & Ng, 2006
o Betta macrostoma Regan, 1910 – spotfin betta
o Betta ocellata de Beaufort, 1933
o Betta pallifina Tan & Ng, 2005
o Betta patoti Weber and de Beaufort, 1922
o Betta unimaculata (Popta, 1905) – Howong betta

* Waseri complex:
o Betta chloropharynx Kottelat and Ng, 1994
o Betta hipposideros Ng and Kottelat, 1994
o Betta pi Tan, 1998
o Betta renata Tan, 1998
o Betta spilotogena Ng and Kottelat, 1994
o Betta tomi Ng and Kottelat, 1994
o Betta waseri Krummenacher, 1986

* unassigned:
o Betta apollon Schindler & Schmidt, 2006
o Betta bangka
o Betta bungbihn
o Betta ferox Schindler & Schmidt, 2006
o Betta sukadan



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