Interesting Logo Redsigns by Comcast, RubyTuesday & Applebees has a really sweet section of their site called “Brand New” where they look at brand changes and logo updates from large companies and websites.

Here’s a few that are pretty interesting:



[Here is a fun one for the beginning of the holiday season. Sent in by a brand tipster — have I told you all already how much I love the tips? If not, well, let me be thankful for that this Thanksgiving — this is an almost impercebtible before/after of the Comcast logo. It is not uncommon to have logos redrawn for performance and legibility issues, but I am not convinced Comcast needed this treatment. Sure, the old “t” was ghastly, but still understandable, and I think I may like the old “s” better, although it looks like a transplant from Helvetica into Avenir, approximately typeguessing, as all the characters (old and new) feel customized.]  Read The Post



[There are a million restaurants out there, and of those millions thousands are national franchises. Of these, unfortunately, there aren’t too many that really stand out — they all seem to blend together for some reason. Chili’s, T.G.I. Friday’s, Ruby Tuesdays (yes, they have a new logo too, to be reviewed here soon), and, the cause of this post, Appleebee’s, are only a few of them. They all have roughly the same vast menu, same average price, and same lackluster service. Most of these places are so cookie-cutter from the decor to the menu, it’s hard to differentiate between them. Close your eyes at any of them and take a sample of the food and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. But this is the exact thing Applebee’s hopes to fix. Applebee’s goal is to make a “special place for people to come together.”]  Read The Post



[Ruby Tuesday, the international restaurant chain known for its casual dining menu and impressive salad bar, has been implementing a new, “fresh” (a word emphasized over and over) identity over the past several months to coincide with an update of the brand’s interior. Gone are black- and white- checkered tablecloths and the hodge-podge of sports memorabilia that adorned the walls and were reminiscent of Applebee’s or TGI Friday’s In their place is a more upscale and elegant look and feel.] Read The Post

 It’s always interesting to see how companies rebrand themselves, have you seen any logo changes being made at companies that you shop at or eat at?


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