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SEMPDX: Local & Mobile Search – Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 4:30 – 6:30 PM

SEMPDX Local & Mobile Search Strategies – 1-10-2012
From SEMPX:“We’re bringing in two experts to start the year off right, with the focus being on local and mobile search.  As usual, we are holding the event on the second Tuesday of the month, with networking from 4:30 to 5, then we’ll have an hour long presentation and Q&A, then another half hour of networking.

  • David Mihm, a leading expert on local search, will be speaking on The Evolution of Local Search at Google.
  • Scott Fish, of ethology, will be presenting about how to turn current trends in Mobile Search into a competitive advantag

Coverage on the SEMPDX Blog

This  event began with a discussion on mobile search by Scott Fish, followed by a presentation on Local by David Mihm.  Before delving into optimization strategies, Scott Fish, from ethology, shared several mobile trends to emphasize its growing importance and relevancy.  Among them were two points that especially stood out:

1) Mobile is everywhere.  Literally.  In fact, 39% use the internet on their smart phone while using the restroom.

2) Mobile drives a response.  88% of people looking for local information take action within a day.

Scott recommended, a tool that scores how well your website is doing on mobile.  He also provided a number of optimization strategies.  One such recommendation was to be thumb-friendly.  Tablets and phones have different sizes, so design accordingly.  Also, make the user’s experience seamless.  For example, allow users to save popular searches and shopping cart contents so they can use multiple screens throughout the day without hassle.  In addition, consider paid mobile opportunities such as managing budgets of mobile targeting separately from standard search and utilizing dynamic number rotation for call tracking.  Finally, target shorter search query strings (1-3 word queries).


Mountain Travel Symposium: Proving the Value of Social Media


Presentation Details:

Social media channels are all the rage, but are they really worth it for resorts and tourism dependent businesses.

This exclusive panel of leaders in the social media space will address the questions you need to be asking while evaluating the worth of social media for travel businesses.  From setting goals to engaging visitors to measuring success, these industry experts will show you the science behind social media and explain how to quantify your strategy to successfully increase brand loyalty and revenue in 2011 and beyond.

Speaking on the Topic:

  • Mike Slone, Interactive Director, Vail Resorts
  • Ron Schneidermann, Co-Founder, Liftopia
  • Scott Fish, ethology
  • Ryan Cantrell, Resort Technology Partners


New England Inns & Resorts Association: Using Analytics to Make Strategic Decisions


Presentation Details:
Utilizing Google Analytics or other analytics solutions to discover new marketing opportunities is key to growing your online presence and understanding your customers. Scott Fish, with over 10 years in digital strategy experience,  shared the most valuable analytics metrics to monitor and key action items that should be implemented in order to take advantage of analytics data. Topics of the session included: Setting Up Google Analytics, Important Data To Monitor, Conversion Tracking Discussion, Q&A Session.



Resort Automation Conference: Case Study with Vail Resorts



Online Marketing Summit: The Future of Search – June 2010

Presentation Details:

This session, presented by a panel of Search and Social media experts from SEMpdx, will discuss what you need to know as a user of search engines and as a marketer on search engines. Topics covered will include: personalization of search results, mobile and local search, real time search, social search, and the shift in ranking algorithms.

* Moderator: Lisa Williams, President, Media Forte Marketing
* Anne Kennedy, Partner, Beyond Ink
* Scott Fish, Director of SEO, EngineWorks
* Hallie Janssen, VP, Anvil Media, Inc.
* Ben Lloyd, President, Amplify Interactive




New England Inns & Resorts Association: Powering Bookings Through Search Engine Marketing

Presentation Details:

The New England Inns & Resorts Association is a member based organization containing over 250 hotels and resorts throughout the New England Area. At their annual meeting, they’ve asked me to speak to speak to their member base to educate them about how to improve their bookings through search marketing.

A Testimonial to the 3 years of SEO and Consulting work with NEIRA:

New England Inns and Resorts Association (NEIRA) has invested significantly in their web site in the last 18 months; and we have seen a three-fold increase in web traffic from the NEIRA site as a result. Among the chambers and travel associations to which we belong, NEIRA is the largest source of web traffic. Annual visitors from the NEIRA site exceeds those coming from all other associations/chambers combined.

In addition, the format and functionality of our NEIRA enhanced web listing allows us to easily post special packages and discounts within specific categories, increasing its value to our company as a marketing tool in filling unsold rooms.

– Mark Foster, owner of Stage Neck Inn, York Harbor, Maine





E-Tourism Summit Workshop – Las Vegas 2010

Presentation Details:

Topic : You Can’t Fool Mother Nature, But Can you Fool Google?

  • An overview of the search marketing landscape: Google, Bing+Yahoo!
  • What are the most recent changes in conventional SEO tactics?
  • Will “share” engines (social media sites) replace “search” engines*
  • What is the relationship between text, images and video that affect search rankings?
  • Should marketers optimize differently for Yahoo! Google and Bing?
  • How to optimize search rankings without social media
  • Search engine keyword research, the basics

Presenter: Scott Fish, Director of SEO, Engine Works


SEMPDX: February Event – Link Building Six Pack

Building Links Stinks! How To Build Link Building Into a Company Culture

Presentation Details:

Link building continues to be an important search engine optimization tactic. The SEMpdx Link Building Six Pack will provide insight into various basic to advanced link building strategies. Join us on Tuesday, February 9th for six unique presentations by link building experts.

When: February 9th, 2009 at 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Where: Hotel deLuxe 729 SW 15th Ave, Portland, OR

On February 9th, a panel of link building experts, will take us through:

  • Getting between the cushions: Finding links where they’ve always been. – Ian Lurie – Portent Interactive
  • Writing & Promoting Link Bait – Scott Fish – EngineWorks
  • Utilizing your existing network for links – Blu Drobushevich – Amplify Interactive
  • Automating Link Building (tools, widgets, etc.) – John McPhee – Anvil Media
  • Building Links to Your Links – Scott Hendison – Search Commander, Inc.






SEMPDX: Universal Search – Relevance in Real Time – March 2010




E-Tourism Summit Hotel Nikko – San Francisco 2008.

Presentation Details:

EngineWorks was pleased to announce that our Director of Search Engine Optimization, Scott Fish, was a featured presenter along-side Paul Coutts from Google on an engaging panel at the  E-Tourism Summit in San Francisco, California on October 1, 2008.

The E-Tourism Summit is a leading conference in the online travel and tourism industry.  2008 marks the ninth annual gathering of top professionals and industry executives from world-renowned travel and tourism companies at this prestigious conference.

Scott Fish, and the other search specialists on his panel presentation, delivered a lively panel discussion titled ‘SEO/SEM-360’.  This session  provided a 360-degree perspective on the latest developments in search optimization, including the top five most important factors for improving your presence within the major search engines.  In addition, the panel discussed effective strategies for optimizing alternative media, such as online video and optimized press releases.




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