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SMX Advanced Seattle Pictures + Shoutouts

SMX Advanced in rainy (very rainy!) Seattle was a great conference! All the usual suspects were there + a few new faces. I went up with Mike Rosenberg, Lisa Peyton, and Sean McMahon.

Our CEO at EngineWorks was asked to speak at 2 different sessions, one on building value into your SEO company, which was covered on the Bruce Clay Blog and the Search Engine Roundtable, and the other was about Funding, Valuing & Selling SEM Businesses.

On Tuesday I had the chance to meet a lot of great people in the industry.

Over at Acquisio, I had the chance to meet their new CEO, Martin Le Sauteur. Acquisio has developed a PPC management tool for agencies, and they recently have added quite a few new features.

My good friend, Justin Davy at Scripps Networks, introduced me to A.J Negahban. In case you don’t know this company, they’re the ones that own HGTV, the Food Network, DIY Network, and many other properties.

If you think way back to a few years ago you’ll remember a company called – it’s old yellow brand and business model has since changed and they are going full bore ahead with comparison shopping in a quickly growing market. I had the opportunity to meet Jon Glick, VP of Product Search & Comparison Shopping and Arjun Jayaram, VP of Engineering. It was great to hear what is new at Become and it sounds like the company is poised to grow significantly over the next 5 years.

An agency in Seattle called Portent Interactive was great to talk to while in Seattle. I talked to Stacy Conner and Tom Schmitz and it was great to hear about what Portent is working on.

DoubleClick was well represented at the conference and i had the chance to talk with Michele Goldberg about what’s in DoubleClick’s future, the answer… you’ll just have to wait 2-3 months and see!

Bend, Oregon is a hot spot for SEO companies. Smart Solutions‘ President, Mark Knowles was at the conference, expanding the awareness of his Bend Software Development Company. My colleagues at EngineWorks went out to Umi Sushi in Seattle with Mark and it was great to hear about the new product that Mark’s company is launching very soon.

Also in Bend, I met Mellissa Jenson from Acxiom, which is a data company and it’s interesting to hear what they’re doing with consumer’s data to learn how to market more efficiently to them.

At Bruce Clay Inc, It was great to meet Chris Hart, whom is heading up the company’s east coast expansion. I also had a good change to talk with Bruce Clay about a few international optimization ideas.

Sean McMahon, the CEO at EngineWorks introduced me to Tim Mayer, Yahoo’s VP, Search Business and he was great to meet. Tim’s involvement in the industry goes all the way back to Inktomi, where Sean worked with him to put together an arrangement for TrafficLeaders’ Paid Inclusion product.

I also was happy to see Scott Hendison, Todd Mintz and From SEOmoz: Rand, Jane, Rebecca, Guillian, Scott. David Mihm was also at the show, along with Julian Chadwick from, Chris Winfield, from 10e20, and Ben LLoyd from Amplify Interactive. While at the conference I had the chance to also chat with Bob Tripathy from, Marianne Sweeny from Ascentium, Stephan Spencer, Founder & President at NetConcepts & Brian Klais, VP Search at NetConcepts.

At the end of Wednesday I had the awesome chance to meet Michael McDermott, the VP of sales at Resort Technology Partners. RTP offers point of sale & ecommerce solutions for resorts around the world.



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