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Who Owns the Holiday .com Domains?

Today I was reading Sahar Sarid’s post about and I started to wonder who owns the the Holiday domain names. Granted, these are 1 day domains, or in the true sense, “seasonal” but during the right time of the year, they probably generate more PPC revenue than most domainer’s portfolios do over an entire year.
GLobalAccess, a nice company that resides in the Isle of Man. They’ve got this one parked and have owned it since 1994-08-05.
Scott Day owns this one, registered on 1997-12-29, I’m sure that this domain had a great year this year!
Hallmark owns this great domain, perfect for a company that sells a lot of easter cards! Registered on 1998-03-14, this one was probably drop-caught at one point.
This is a very interesting domain, looks like it has been owned since 1994-08-30 and it’s partially developed, the owner also owns,,,,,,,,,,, Quite the Holiday Collection!
InfoSpace owns this one, it was registered on 1996-05-28. It seems to be a pseudo-parked page put together by InfoSpace.
Domain Capital shows up as the owner in whois, but it looks like this domain is being used by CLUBPLANET, an end user. Originally registered on 1997-12-12.
Jeff Reynolds, aka precision marketing owns this domain, registered on 1996-10-11, the site promotes, which Jeff also owns
It was registered in 2004. I noticed that the .net/org/info/us arent taken yet.
Versimedia owns this domain, registered on 1997-08-10, it forwards to
Versimedia also owns this domain, picked up on 1999-03-13.
Versimedia scores again, registering this name on 1997-08-10, the same day as
Its a name and a holiday, Frank Schilling owns this one, registered on 2002-05-23.
Registered on 1997-10-23, this name is owned by Versimedia, which also owns and several ofther big domains.

And Finally…
Owned by P. Gordon, owner of and
Registered on 1998-11-06 by, Inc. which is a Japanese Company, this domain is sort-of a parked/directory site.


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